First several episodes center wildfire and the climate crisis

Title that says Let's Talk Boulder above a view of the Flatirons from Chautauqua

Let’s Talk Boulder,” a City of Boulder podcast exploring our community, one conversation at a time, launches May 3. The podcast examines topics that impact the Boulder community, and how they intersect with the climate crisis.

Three episodes will be released this week, with plans for more over the next few months. The first episodes focus on wildfire, with discussion around fire mitigation, prevention and resilience, a topic that is top of mind for many community members.

“We are continually looking for new ways to connect with community members,” said Communication and Engagement Department Director Sarah Huntley. “Our hope for the podcast is to center community conversations, meet people where they are, share information and provide a holistic view of Boulder’s most pressing issues.”

The episodes feature experts in fire mitigation and preparedness, land management and nature-based climate solutions, as well as folks in the community who are innovating in the sustainability and resilience space.

“The climate crisis impacts everything,” said Climate Initiatives Director Jonathan Koehn. “By making space for this discussion, we are aiming to draw clear connections between how climate change is affecting our community and create a shared sense of hope that a better future is possible.”

Future episodes will dive into topics such as climate anxiety, equity, affordable housing and flood mitigation. The podcast is available on major listening platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Subscribe to get new episodes directly in your podcast app. The city also hosts a podcast in Spanish, “Somos Boulder.”

Visit the city’s website to learn more and listen to “Let’s Talk Boulder and “Somos Boulder.”