Annual report highlights high-quality drinking water

The City of Boulder is committed to providing safe and high-quality drinking water to the community. Each year, the city releases a water quality report to share important information about Boulder’s drinking water, water sources and regulatory monitoring results. The 2024 report can be viewed on the city’s website.

Key takeaways:

  • The city routinely monitors drinking water and is required to meet federal and state standards for certain water quality parameters. As in past years, the city met these water quality standards in 2023.
  • The city has several high-quality sources of drinking water that originate in high mountain snowpack. The city’s updated Source Water Protection Plan identifies potential contaminants and best practices to protect the city’s water supply.
  • The city is conducting a Water Service Line Inventory to meet new federal regulations. The purpose of the inventory is to determine if any service lines—the pipes that bring drinking water into homes and businesses—are made of lead and need to be replaced. Though copper pipes have been required in Boulder since 1955, and city staff aren’t aware of any lead lines in the city, community members who live and work in pre-1956 structures are encouraged to verify their pipes are not made of lead and share that information with city staff via an online tool.

For more information, contact the city’s Drinking Water Quality Program at 303-441-3200 or via Community members can learn more on the city's drinking water quality webpage.

El reporte de la calidad del agua potable de 2024 de la Ciudad de Boulder resume los resultados de los análisis del año 2023. Para leer el reporte en español, visite la página