City staff member appointed to Colorado Energy Code Board

City staff member appointed to Colorado Energy Code Board

Carolyn Elam, a City of Boulder sustainability senior manager, has been appointed to the State of Colorado’s 21-member Energy Code Board. Elam will bring her years of experience in sustainable building practices to the board, which is tasked with reviewing, approving and recommending energy codes for new buildings and retrofits. The Colorado Energy Office nominated Elam as the board’s solar power expert.

“I am honored to be selected to serve on this important board,” said Elam. “Buildings – the energy we use to heat and cool them, and the electricity we use within them – are a significant source of our state’s emissions. Stronger building codes, adopted statewide, will really move the needle, not just in terms of emissions reduction, but also for ensuring that efficient, healthy and resilient buildings are accessible to all communities across the state.”

A new law passed earlier this year (HB22-1362) created the Colorado Energy Code Board. The law directs the board to develop and adopt model electric-ready and solar-ready codes. These codes will prepare new buildings for electric vehicles, rooftop solar and high efficiency electric appliances. The law also directs the board to develop and adopt a model low-energy and carbon code to minimize emissions associated with new and renovated homes and commercial buildings. Cities and counties are required to adopt these code provisions by 2026.

Board meetings will be open to the public and posted on the Energy Code Board webpage. The Board will offer opportunities for public input.

Learn more about the Energy Code Board on the state’s website.