Information collected will help inform how the city might ensure community members have access to high-quality fiber-based broadband Internet services

Broadband internet is a critical service that impacts quality of life and is on par with roads, water, sewer, and electricity. The City of Boulder intends to provide individuals and businesses with access to quality broadband that is affordable and provides the connectivity necessary to live, work, and compete successfully in the global marketplace.

Since 2018, the city has been working to build the necessary ‘fiber-backbone’ infrastructure needed to deliver high-quality fiber-based internet service. With the backbone construction scheduled for completion in 2023, the city is now considering two main paths to deliver services; create a public-private partnership or create a new municipal internet utility.

Boulder has the opportunity to shape broadband service to reflect the community’s values. This summer the city is engaging with the community to understand their priorities for internet quality, price and access; and assess community perspective on subsidized internet service and the city’s role in providing internet service as an essential utility.

The city is partnering with BBC Research & Consulting who will conduct a statistically-valid community survey to understand Internet needs and priorities. Community members can expect to receive the survey invitation by email. The survey can be completed digitally or over the phone in English or Spanish. While many community members will be contacted, they will not be able to connect with everyone. Community members that do not complete the survey are encouraged to share their internet priorities on the city’s Be Heard Boulder engagement platform through July 21.

Starting June 27, The City of Boulder will begin hosting a number of in-person and virtual focus groups to learn about the current and future Internet needs of local businesses. Space is limited and registration is required.