Fall is a beautiful time to enjoy a bike ride in Boulder – but unfortunately, it's also a time when we usually see a spike in bike thefts.

With an active culture, more than 300 days of sunshine and hundreds of miles of bikeways, Boulder is a great place for bicycling.

Follow the tips below to help keep your bike safe:

1. Use a high-quality U-lock

U-locks are the most secure type of bike lock as bolt cutters can easily cut through cable locks.

2. Lock both the front and back wheels of your bike

U-locks are generally seen as more secure, however, they can still be broken into. Lower the chance of your bike getting stolen by using one U-lock for the frame and front tire, and another U-lock for the back tire.

3. Choose a sturdy structure to lock your bike to

Make sure the bike rack is firmly secured in the ground before locking your bike to it. Avoid locking your bike to telephone poles, street signs or benches. Lock your bike in populated, well-lit areas.

4. Use secure bike parking when available

Keep your bike locked inside your home if possible. Secure bike parking and free bicycle lockers are also available around Boulder - find a list of secure bike parking locations.

5. Register your bike with Bike Index

By registering your bike with Bike Index, you may have a better chance of recovering it in case it’s stolen.

What to do if your bike is stolen

If your bike is stolen, report the theft as soon as possible to the Boulder Police Department.