Our city’s legacy is steeped in climate action.

The signs of this legacy are all around us – visible on a hike in Chautauqua Park, a bike ride along the creek or a nightly journey to the compost bin. These hallmarks of Boulder climate action were made possible by community members past. Now, we face an urgent climate crisis.

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Send us a recording. Tell us how you imagine a more climate resilient Boulder.

Community-based climate action has a large collective impact. While everyone in our community is affected by climate change today, perspectives in climate solutions are not always heard. It is important to recognize a diversity of perspectives as our community develops a comprehensive approach to address climate change.

To this end, the city’s Climate Initiatives Department is collecting community voices on the future of climate action.

YOU are invited to record and share your response to the prompt.

Read or listen to the prompt

It's the year 2035, and our city is a world leader in addressing climate change. We absorb more carbon than we produce, and the nature around us is thriving. Now, close your eyes and imagine you are in your neighborhood or somewhere else in Boulder that's important to you.

What has our community done to step up to the climate challenge?

Tell us how you imagine a more climate resilient Boulder.

We recognize that the years ahead are uncertain, and that imagining our climate future can often lead us down a path of doom and gloom.

But we would like to hear your vision of hope.

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"When I envision Boulder in 2035, I see a place that is really walkable where people live close to the places where they want to go -- to restaurants, to their jobs. I see shared electric transit. Not everybody owns a car, but to get to and from places, they can either walk and when they can't walk, they can take clean electric cars. And I also see healthier ecosystems. Fewer lawns. A lot more trees and plants that are better adapted to our environment."

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Leah Kelleher

You can use the voice recording app on your smartphone.

How to participate

Record your response to the prompt in one to two sentences.

Please keep recordings under 45 seconds. Your recording may be edited for use in our audio collage.

Submit your recordings by text or voicemail.

  • Call 303-818-4678 and leave a voice message.


  • Text a recording to 303-818-4678

Select recordings will become part of a community audio collage that may be shared on the city’s website, social media and with our partners.

Recordings will be accepted throughout the year to capture the ongoing climate resilience conversation in our community.