The goats told us to tell you "baa, baa, maa!"

Which translates to, "Thank you to the 150 community members who visited us at Harlow Platts Community Park to feed and pet us. We appreciate it as we stomp and chew up the invasive plant species."

The goats are referring to the “Meet and Bleat” event that took place on Sunday, July 24 from 9-11 a.m. at the park. Community members got to see 43 goats up close, take photos, and give them a scratch behind the ears.

Natural Lands Specialist Erika Carlson was on hand with goats Angie and PJ on leashes for the community to have an up-close experience and learn more about these amazing animals.

The goats will continue to be on-site stomping weeds and supporting native plant species by keeping invasive species under control until mid-August.