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Climate Action Volunteer Projects

Climate change is a serious global challenge that will have profound impacts on human and natural systems. OSMP is proactively managing these systems to withstand and adapt to the effects of the changing climate, relying on the best available data/science and actions through carbon sequestration along with cultivating resilient habitats.

Below are One-Day Volunteer Projects (ODVP) that support Climate Action, these projects directly support carbon sequestration, work to create more resilient ecosystems, strive to keep biodiversity on OSMP, plus much more. In our efforts in Climate Action, we want to foster hope and resilience by connecting to youth and adults to make direct impacts to climate change and to be part of the solution. For more information on Climate Action ODVP reach out directly to Kristin Weinberger at weinbergerk@bouldercolorado.gov.

Climate Action Projects

Volunteer Projects

Volunteer Projects