About Daniel

Chief Data Analyst

Daniel Reinhard, PhD., completed his undergraduate education in Anchorage, Alaska, before living in Canada for his master’s degree and Texas for his doctorate degree. He has worked for the Boulder Police Department since late 2021. He is currently working in the Office of the Police Chief, mostly on long-term strategic and administrative analyses and research grants.

Dr. Reinhard has worked as a researcher in various capacities since 2013 when he worked for the University of Alaska Justice Center and the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center. In Canada, he completed his master’s thesis in 2017 on the mobility and income generating strategies of unhoused persons in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). This required interviewing individuals around the DTES homeless markets and supervised drug injection sites. His dissertation was completed in 2022 and presented research on vacation home rentals and neighborhood crime in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Reinhard continues to publish research, act as a peer-reviewer for scientific journals, and teach criminology classes at local universities. His research often focuses on public safety concerns and community characteristics, including topics such as predictors of catalytic converter theft, offender journeys to crime, the intersection of unhoused persons and public spaces, and criminogenic facilities. The classes he teaches tend to be about why individuals engage in crime, research methods, and spatiotemporal crime analysis.

For the Boulder Police Department, he’s the evaluator and research advisor on multiple public safety grants. This includes a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant on a coordinated response to homelessness, and a Department of Justice grant on the use of virtual reality as a training tool for de-escalation. Additionally, he’s a regular contributor to multiple citywide multi-department efforts and data-informed discussions, particularly when they involve the Police Department collaborating with Housing and Human Services, Parks and Recreation, and Innovation and Technology.