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Police Blotter and Call Logs

Boulder Police Blotters

Welcome to the Boulder Police Department's Police Blotter.  This is a tool we use to summarize  incidents.  The summary is compiled using incidents reported as noteworthy by the watch supervisors at the end of their shift.  It does not include all calls, incidents or self-initiated activity handled by officers. The crime map and crime data maps are better sources of crime information and can be located here: 

The blotter will be posted online daily, Monday through Friday.  Incidents occurring Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be posted by Monday afternoon.  City holidays and other circumstances may delay posting by one or more days. The blotter is provided for convenience only and will continue to be completed as staffing permits.  When requesting a report, please remember that there may be some processing time involved, especially if redactions are required or if additional information is needed from the officer.

Note to media:  The blotter is compiled in the morning using only what information is available and should only serve as a guide for reporters.  The information used to compile the blotter can include, among other things, pass-on information from supervisors or incomplete reports.

Information and details in a case can change throughout the day and during the course of an investigation, but it is generally not acceptable to change information once it has been published in the blotter.  Therefore, please verify all information, either through the public information officer or by requesting the report, prior to printing or broadcasting information contained in the blotter.

If a press release is issued for a case listed on the blotter, please use information from the press release, as it is more current and likely contains better detail than the blotter.

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Police Blotters

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Boulder Police Call Logs

Each link below contains a list of case reports assigned to officers in the police department's computer aided dispatch (CAD) system. It will be posted daily as staffing allows, with weekend (Friday through Sunday) reports posted on Monday. The call type indicates how the call was recorded by dispatch, but may not be indicative of the result of the call. For example, a call type of "traffic stop" may, in fact, become a DUI or a warrant arrest.

This log is being provided as a resource only. The department will make every attempt to post the log promptly, but there will be times, due to staffing, technical difficulties or other circumstances, when the log will not be available. There may also be rare instances when posting a specific call would undermine the investigation or tip off a potential suspect that he or she is being investigated. In these cases, the call will be omitted from the public log. Should the investigation result in a determination that a crime has been committed and someone is arrested, the public will be notified through a press release. These decisions will be made only after weighing whether there is an immediate public safety reason to acknowledge that the report has been made.

Call logs cover the previous 24-hour period beginning at 7 a.m. A log for Wednesday, for example, would include calls from 7 a.m. on Wednesday to 7 a.m. on Thursday.

The Call Log is updated daily here:

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Police Call Logs

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