Project Overview

The Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater (CFS) Master Plan is the guiding policy document for Boulder's Stormwater and Flood Utility.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater Master Plan is to improve the management of stormwater to help protect people, places, property and ecosystems in the City of Boulder in a way that builds resilience and is consistent with community values.

Draft Master Plan

The Draft Plan is here! It reflects the feedback from the community, embodies Boulder’s values, captures the strategic vision of the flood and storm utility and positions the city to move forward expeditiously. The draft plan will be presented to boards and council for feedback and approval in the upcoming months as shown in the schedule below.

The Draft Plan is composed of two volumes as follows:

Volume I is intended for a general audience with summary level information consistent with other master plans and is available in English and El Volumen 1 está disponible en español.

Volume II contains more detail and is the compilation of eleven Technical Memos on various flood and storm topics. It’s intended for an audience who have or desire a detailed knowledge of the flood and stormwater system. Because of the length of the document, it hasn’t been translated. However, highlights from each chapter are included in the English and Spanish

You can also view an infographic summary of the draft plan

Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater Technical Memos

The final CFS document includes eleven technical memos on the following topics: The infographics are a single page highlight of the content in the Technical Memo and are available in English and Spanish.

Technical Memos table
Technical Memo (TM) Title TM Infographic - English TM Infographic - Spanish
TM #2 Policy & Program Evaluation TM #2 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #2 - Evaluacion de politicas y programas
TM #3 Stormwater Quality TM #3 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #3 - Calidad de las aguas pluviales
TM #4 Stormwater Drainage TM #4 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #4 - Calidad de las aguas pluviales
TM #5 Groundwater TM #5 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #5 - Agua suberranea
TM #6 Floodplain & Hazard Mapping TM #6 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #6 - Carografia de riesgos y llanuras de inundacion
TM #7 Modifications to City Regulations TM #7 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #7 - Modificaciones a las regulaciones
TM #8 Watershed Management, Flood Mitigation and Property Acquisition TM #8 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #8 - Gestion de cuencas hidrograficas y mitigacion de inundaciones
TM #9 Flood Warning, Response, Insurance, and Public Education TM #9 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #9 - Alerta, respuesta, seguros y educacion sobre inundaciones
TM #10 Capital Improvement Project Prioritization Framework TM #10 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #10 - Priorizacion en el proyecto
TM#11 Funding Considerations TM #11 Infographic Memorando Tecnico #11 - Consideraciones de financiamiento