Station Relocation

The new station will enable Boulder Fire-Rescue to respond to the increased demand for service along the 30th Street corridor near Valmont and Pearl and will help the department improve response time in this area.

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Completion Date
Q2 2024
Current Phase

Project Overview

Fire Station 3, located at 1585 30th St., is outdated, inefficient, undersized and located in the 100-year flood plain. Relocation will allow for better service delivery to a significant part of the city that is not currently within a four-minute response time (industry standard) of any of our fire stations. This station is consistently identified as a high priority project due to its location in the flood plain, high energy use, and limited capacity. Relocation to a new facility will significantly help the city achieve and maintain energy goals.

A new station will significantly improve response coverage to a rapidly growing portion of the city. In addition, the station will allow for existing fire response resources to be repositioned and increase the efficiency of department operations while allowing for a potentially increased scope of emergency medical service (EMS) delivery.

Fire Station 3 construction will be funded in part by the Community, Culture, Resilience and Safety Tax.


The Fire Department Master Plan specifically addresses the need to relocate Station 3 out of the floodplain. This planning effort will be similar to other commercial developments; preliminary planning, design, and cost estimation is already complete.

Operating cost impacts

The relocation of Fire Station 3 will reduce facility maintenance and energy costs. In addition, the new station will allow for community and shared meeting space that could be used by other departments in the city, increasing shared space usage.