Gebhard Integrated Site Project (ISP)

Current Phase

Project Overview

Final Site Management Plan

UPDATE: Community input received this fall helped staff develop and refine a preferred management approach for the Gebhard Integrated Site Project. On Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020, OSMP staff presented a preferred alternative to the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT), followed by a public hearing. Final documents are available below:

Final Site Management Plan

Project Pause - Oct. 26, 2020

New Zealand Mudsnail discovery leads to Gebhard Integrated Site Project pause

Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) has decided to pause its implementation of the Gebhard Integrated Site Project (ISP) following the recent discovery of New Zealand Mudsnails (NZMS) in South Boulder Creek. These mudsnails are an invasive aquatic species that can disrupt aquatic ecosystems, harm fish populations and displace native insects. OSMP anticipates resuming its Gebhard ISP project once the department identifies a long-term management for NZMS in the creek.

Learn more about the New Zealand Mudsnail and how YOU CAN HELP prevent their spread.

Because of the discovery of NZMS in South Boulder Creek, OSMP has temporarily closed open space creek access south of South Boulder Road to Marshall Road. This action seeks to help stem further human-caused spread of mudsnails to sensitive ecological areas while also continuing to provide creek access in other popular areas.