Ponderosa is a diverse, tight-knit community located at 4475 Broadway in North Boulder.

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Project Overview

In 2017, the City of Boulder purchased the property, located adjacent to West Fourmile Canyon Creek, with plans to minimize displacement, preserve long-term affordability, replace outdated infrastructure, reduce flood risk to the community and introduce new energy-efficient affordable housing options. In 2019, a site plan, informed by inclusive community engagement, was approved and Ponderosa was annexed into the city.


The central goal of the project is to create long-term stability for Ponderosa. As documented in the Ponderosa Resolution, the city is committed to collaborating with the individuals and families that make up the Ponderosa community. Current residents of Ponderosa can choose to stay in their home or buy a new affordable and highly energy-efficient home within the community.


Year Description

Property damaged from the 2013 flood qualifies Ponderosa for grant funding assistance


West Fourmile Canyon Creek Study: Community engagement and infrastructure replacement cost estimate


City staff options analysis: City staff explores how best to advance the goals for Ponderosa identified in the West Fourmile Canyon Creek Study.


City of Boulder purchases Ponderosa and inclusive community engagement begins


Site Plan is approved, Property is annexed


Old infrastructure (sewer, water, electric, gas) replaced. New entrances, fire hydrants, paved streets and sidewalks, and stormwater management system introduced. Infrastructure connected to existing mobile homes and will serve fixed foundation homes too.


Home construction begins


Long-term Vision

  • Voluntary transition from existing homes to new, permanently affordable, energy-efficient, fixed-foundation homes.
  • Introduction of site amenities (e.g., green space, play areas, gardens, landscaping and community house)