Public Comment Before the City's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Thank you for your interest in speaking to the City of Boulder’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB). As Advisory Board members, we welcome the opportunity to hear from community members regarding Boulder’s parks and recreational system and services. The following is information you might find helpful when presenting your input during a regularly scheduled public meeting of the PRAB.

Sign Up to Speak

To sign up for public participation at the upcoming PRAB meeting, please email before 4:30pm the day of the meeting. Please make sure to include the following in your request:

1. My name is

2. I would like to be addressed by _____ (example: Mary), to ensure we are respecting your preferences as it relates to first name or last name and gender pronouns.

3. My public comment is about

More Information

  • Members of the public are welcome to attend any public meeting of the PRAB.
  • You are invited to give up to 3 minutes of comment on a Parks and Recreation matter not scheduled for a hearing later in the agenda. You may also speak for up to 3 minutes on a different matter scheduled for public hearing during the time set in the meeting agenda for that topic. To do so, please see the PRAB Liaison at the very beginning of the meeting to sign in.
  • If you have written materials you wish to provide to the PRAB, please email them to before the meeting. For in-person meetings only: If you have print materials you simultaneously wish to provide to the PRAB, please provide at least 10 copies (for PRAB’s members, Department leadership and to be included in Meeting Minutes).
  • Please be aware that the PRAB may not be able to respond to your comment during the meeting but your input is valued and helps inform the guidance the PRAB members give to staff in the performance of their duties over time.
  • You are welcome to follow up on the matter you brought forth. A summary of your comments will appear in the written minutes recorded from the meeting. You may also follow up at a subsequent meeting or by contacting PRAB members or department staff directly.

The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board members look forward to hearing from you.