Stormwater Control Measure Requirements and Resources

What are the requirements and procedures for owners of stormwater control measures?

SCM Owners are responsible for the long-term maintenance of facilities on their property to ensure they are functioning as designed.

The Maintaining Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) Frequently Asked Questions provides additional information on SCM maintenance requirements and owner responsibilities.

The City inspects SCMs periodically to confirm that each facility is adequately maintained and properly functioning. When maintenance needs are identified the city will contact the property owner with required actions. Property owners report maintenance to the city using the following forms:

For questions pertaining to the operation and maintenance of a stormwater control measure at your property, please email .

What resources are available to owners and landscapers to understand SCM maintenance needs?

The City of Boulder SCM Maintenance Schedules and Descriptions and Inspection Forms detail the recommended maintenance and inspection elements by facility type.

The following agencies can provide additional guidance on stormwater facility maintenance:

The following professional associations may be useful in finding individuals and business with knowledge on stormwater facility maintenance needs: