Stormwater Control Measure Requirements and Resources

Stormwater control measures (SCM’s) are devices that are designed and constructed for a developed property to manage its stormwater runoff and protect our waterbodies from pollution. The owners of these SCMs are responsible for the long-term maintenance of the facilities on their property to ensure they are functioning as designed. The City of Boulder provides a variety of resources to SCM owners to support the maintenance, inspection, and long-term function of this important infrastructure.

City of Boulder Owner’s Guide to Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance

The virtual book below was developed to provide owners with all the information they need on SCMs:

  • What is stormwater and why do we need SCMs
  • How to identify SCMs on your property
  • How to inspect an SCM and evaluate how well it is functioning
  • Types of SCMs and how they function
  • How to conduct routine maintenance on different types of SCMs

Resources for Property Owners and HOAs

Property owners are responsible for the long-term maintenance of facilities on their property to ensure they are functioning as designed. HOAs are also responsible for maintaining the facilities on property owned and managed by the HOA.

Requirements of owners pertaining to the operation and maintenance of SCMs can be found in the following two locations:

The City requires that every SCM designed after 2019 have an SCM Operation and Maintenance Plan that includes an SCM Location Map. When one has not been created, SCM locations can be located by referring to the property’s drainage report/civil site plan or most recent SCM inspection report. For more information, see page 15 of the Owner’s Guide to Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance. City of Boulder Stormwater Quality staff ( can help locate SCMs on a property if questions arise.

Owners of SCMs are required to conduct an annual self-inspection of SCMs and implement maintenance actions to keep the facility functioning as designed. Functioning as designed means that the facility components, size, shape, and drainage patterns remain as specified in the approved drainage report and construction drawings for the property.

Anyone who is familiar with your property and has reviewed the Owner’s Guide to Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance can inspect to see if your SCM is functioning – it can be a property manager, landscaper, or another staff person.

The City of Boulder SCM Maintenance Schedules and Descriptions and Inspection Forms detail the recommended maintenance and inspection elements by facility type.

City of Boulder Stormwater Quality staff will also conduct periodic oversight inspections of SCMs and will notify the owner if corrective action is required.

See the Owner’s Guide to Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance for details on how to maintain different types of SCMs. It is important that anyone responsible for maintaining SCMs is familiar with their function to ensure they are not damaging the facility or impacting its ability to manage and/or treat stormwater.

SCMs that are above ground can be maintained by landscapers. Underground SCMs and permeable pavement will need to be serviced by a firm equipped with vacuum trucks and other specialized equipment. Contact the City of Boulder Stormwater Quality staff at to request more information on local vendor options.

Educating homeowners, tenants, and community members who live, work, and use your property can prevent damage to your SCM. Inform your tenants and businesses of activities that can and cannot take place near your SCM through emails, letters, and posted notices. HOAs can use email and mail newsletters, announcements at meetings and events, or other signage to inform homeowners of the SCM’s function. Free resources for educating both businesses and homeowners in Boulder can be found on the Keep it Clean Partnership website.

Resources for Landscapers

Landscapers play an important role in maintaining SCMs. Landscaping activities such as watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing can all impact the function of SCMs.

The following agencies can provide additional guidance on stormwater facility maintenance:

The following professional associations may be useful in finding individuals and business with knowledge on stormwater facility maintenance needs:

Contact Stormwater Quality