Intangible Unclaimed Property

The publications below contain information on unclaimed intangible property held by the City of Boulder. This property is presumed abandoned under Section 2-2-18 of the Boulder Revised Code. This unclaimed property consists of items such as:

  • uncashed checks for vendor payments
  • rental deposits
  • payroll checks
  • other payments or refunds due

How To Claim Listed Property

The city desires to return this unclaimed property to its rightful owner. The following process has been developed to help achieve that goal. If any of the listed property is yours, please follow the instructions below to submit your claim for the unclaimed property.

  1. Identify the property to be claimed by reviewing the unclaimed property listing.
  2. Complete the Unclaimed Property Claim Form. If any sections do not apply, please indicate so with “NA”.
  3. Provide adequate supporting documentation to establish your right to the property.
  4. Mail the completed claim form and supporting documentation to:

City of Boulder
Finance Department
Accounts Payable Division
PO Box 791
Boulder CO 80306

Be Thorough

Before you send in the form, be sure you:

  1. Answer all questions and completely fill out the form.
  2. Supply photocopies of supporting documentation.
  3. Sign and date the form.

Supporting Documentation

The claims process will begin upon receipt of the signed claim form and adequate documentation to establish ownership and/or heirship. Payment of a claim cannot be made based on name similarity alone. Proof of ownership is therefore necessary. Failure to include adequate documentation along with the claim form will result in processing delays or denial of claim.

Documentation Examples for Individuals

  • Individuals submitting claims should include documentation to verify their identity, such as a copy of a current driver’s license or state ID. If the property has a co-owner listed, the co-owner should also provide similar documentation.
  • Providing verification of the previous address the city may have on record can also provide additional support. This may be in the form of an old utility bill, bank statement, tax return, letters, etc.

Documentation Examples for Incapacitated or Deceased Owners

  • If the owner is deceased, first show that the account belonged to the original owner. Then provide documentation that you are the rightful recipient of the funds.
  • If the owner is incapacitated, provide documentation from the Court to show a guardianship, custodial, or Power of Attorney relationship to help establish right to receive the funds.