Youth rates apply to individuals ages 3-18 (under three is free). Ages 12+ may use the gymnasium and pools without adult supervision.*

General Building and Open Recreation Activities

  • Ages 6 to 9 are required to have an adult on the pool deck or in the area actively supervising the child.*
  • Ages 6+ must use respective locker room
  • Ages 10 and 11 can be in the gymnasium or pool alone, but an adult must be in the building.
  • Ages 12+ can participate without adult supervision.*


  • Ages under 4 must wear a swim diaper (available for purchase at the front desk.)
  • Ages under 6 must be supervised by an adult in the water (within arm’s reach). Adults who are supervising children under 6 must pay to use the facility.*
  • Warm water wellness is only for ages 18+.

Weight Room and Cardio Equipment

  • No one under the age of 12 is allowed in the weight room or cardio area.
  • All youth under age 14 (12 and 13) must complete a weight-room orientation and must be supervised by an adult.*
  • Ages 14+ may use the weight room without adult supervision.

Climbing Wall (East Boulder Community Center only)

  • Ages 12+ may use the climbing wall alone, but must have an adult in the building.*

Basketball & Open Gym

  • Ages 12+ may play in the gym without adult supervision.*

Drop-in Basketball – Adult

  • Ages 16+ may participate in adult drop-in basketball.

Drop-in Classes

  • Ages 12+ may participate in a drop-in fitness and mind body classes without adult supervision.*

*Adult supervision includes youth and adults ages 16 or older and close enough to talk directly with the child being supervised.