An Advocacy Request is an advance notification to the City of Boulder for an advocacy group seeking to organize a public visibility event on city property or within the public right of way. For other special event requests, please return to the Special Event Home Page, or for activity permits, please go to the Activity Permits Page.

A City of Boulder Advocacy Request improves coordination across city department staff, including the Boulder Police Department, to help ensure a positive experience for the requesting advocacy group and the rest of the community, and to minimize potential conflicts with other known events, rentals, groups and activities that may be scheduled at or near the same venue or route.

This request process is not intended to limit any advocacy groups from exercising their First Amendment right to free speech. Its sole purpose is to improve city support for and coordinate with advocacy groups.

Rules and Regulations

  • No fee is required.
  • An advocacy group must request an Advocacy Reservation request at least 5 business days in advance of the activity to allow city staff to process the request and respond.
  • Advocacy reservations are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on sidewalks, bike paths or turf areas.
  • No glass allowed in any park.
  • Destruction, damage or removal of any vegetation or defacement of public property is prohibited.
  • Events may not impede pedestrian access on sidewalks or traffic on multi-use paths.
  • Permits for parades will be issued according to Boulder Revised Code 7-2-14.
  • Compliance with Noise Regulations according to Boulder Revised Code 5-9-3.
  • Compliance with local, state and federal laws
  • Compliance with local, state and CDC public health guidelines and/or Public Health Orders

Insurance Requirements

The city encourages, but does not require, advocacy groups to obtain general liability insurance with minimum limits of $1 million per occurrence, and to provide a certificate of insurance naming the City of Boulder and its officers, employees and authorized volunteers as additionally insured parties.

Special Event Program Application