Jupiter shelter for pool parties

Lap Lane Rentals (Swim Teams and User Groups)

Pool space is made available to outside organizations when lane requests do not conflict with Boulder Parks and Rec (BPR) aquatic programming and lane availability for the public. BPR pools are under the constant supervision of BPR employed, American Red Cross certified lifeguards.

rental spaceyouth per houradult per hour
Pool patio$35$42
Indoor lap lane - 25yd$14$16
Outdoor lap lane - 25yd$16$20
Scott Carpenter Lap Lane - 50m$27.50$33
Leisure pool space$64$80

Boulder Parks and Rec Fee Policy

Pool guidelines are for all user groups that have contracts and/or user agreements with Boulder Parks and Recreation (BPR) specific to aquatic facilities.

Pool space is made available to outside organizations when lane requests do not conflict with BPR aquatic programming and lane availability for the public.

The BPR pools are under the constant supervision of BPR employed, American Red Cross certified lifeguards. User groups are responsible for ensuring participants comply with the pool rules, policies and procedures posted at each facility. User group staff and participants are required to always conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

User groups must adhere to the following while using any City of Boulder Aquatic Facility:

  • All participants must be closely supervised while in the pool. Coaches must be always present at poolside.
  • Participants must demonstrate appropriate behavior throughout the facility including lobby areas, locker rooms, grass/patio areas, pools, and deck areas.
  • Groups must adhere to all posted and/or non-posted facility rules. Management reserves the right to address any behavior which is considered a safety risk, unsanitary, or a disturbance to others.
  • Groups are responsible for keeping track of their belongings. Some facilities have lockers reserved for day use only. It is the responsibility of the group to ensure items placed in the lockers or storage bins are properly secured with a lock. The City of Boulder is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Groups are responsible for clearing the pool deck, lobby, locker rooms, and patio areas of all belongings and trash prior to leaving the facility. Groups who do not clean up their areas following their visit may be subject to a cleaning fee per incident, and possibly termination of future reservations.
  • Pool/lawn chairs and strollers are not permitted within six (6) feet of the pool side.
  • Competitive and/or repetitive breath holding and prolonged underwater swimming for distance is not permitted due to risks of shallow water blackout and hypoxia.
  • All incidents involving any kind of property damage, personal injury or an accident or incident involving a member, participant, non-athlete, guest, spectator, and any other entities must be reported immediately to the aquatic or facility supervisor.

On Deck Spectators

  • Parents and family members should remain within the on-deck spectator areas unless volunteering in an official capacity. Only swimmers, coaches, timers, officials, and other meet representatives shall be allowed behind the starting blocks or timing table during swim competitions and team practices.
  • Being a spectator does not grant a person access to the remainder of the facility. Spectators are permitted only in designated areas. These areas are limited to the bleachers at the South Boulder Recreation Center and the North Boulder Recreation Center. Due to site constraints, spectators are not allowed on deck at the East Boulder Community Center and instead are asked to remain in the lobby or patio area, weather permitting.
  • Spectators must follow all posted facility rules and guidelines. Failure to follow these rules and guidelines may result in removal from the facility or revocation of future privileges. Continued offenses may result in the cancellation of all future user group reservations.
  • Outdoor facilities: All parties must pay for entrance at outdoor facilities, including spectators.
  • If a user group desires for their rental to include spectator access, they must request and be assigned a location with a designated spectator area.

Conduct and Communication

  • All user group participants must shower before entering pools, per State of Colorado Health Code.
  • User groups and their participants (coaches, parents, and kids) shall conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a public facility and assist staff in ensuring this policy as well. Foul language and rude behavior towards members and guests or City of Boulder staff will not be tolerated.
  • Urgent concerns should be communicated to the head lifeguard or facility supervisor. Do not distract lifeguards while they are in active surveillance.
  • No on-deck changing will be allowed. Please use facility locker rooms.
  • Our aquatic facilities are drug, alcohol, and smoke free.
  • Except for plastic no-spill water bottles, food or beverages are not allowed in the pool area. Sports drinks are allowed but must be in a spill-proof container. No gum allowed.


Cancellations require a 5-day advanced notice. Retroactive cancellations will not be accepted. Cancellations made without advanced notice will be subject to a $35 administrative fee.

Rented lanes may not be sublet to any other group or person.

Teams wishing to place marketing, sponsorships or banners within the City of Boulder Recreation Centers must have prior approval from the Facility Manager and Aquatics Supervisor.


  • Facilities are subject to closure at any time due to unexpected equipment failure, water quality control, weather, and contamination. User groups will be notified of any closures as soon as possible. Reasonable accommodations will be offered to user groups at other sites based on availability. Please note BPR annual shutdowns are typically scheduled in March, late August, and sometimes in June. Groups will not be charged for these types of closures. Aquatic facilities will be closed if the pool temperature is below 77 degrees.
  • Facilities must be left in clean and orderly condition.
  • Facility equipment shall be used only in the manner in which it was intended.
  • Use of facilities outside of the rented pool area is strictly prohibited. Participants must check in at the front desk to use the facility outside of user group time.
  • Any approved pool storage will be kept clean and contained within the designated area only. All pool storage baskets or bins must have a lock on them, when not in use.
  • Dry land workouts will be treated as a separate facility reservation and will require pre-approval.
  • Hot Tub / Steam room is off limits during swim team practice. BPR pass holders and guests must visit the front desk after practice to check in or pay the daily use fee.
  • Swim meets, clinics, or special aquatic training requests need to be submitted at least 30 days in advance. All requests must be submitted to the Aquatics Supervisor.
  • Any concerns regarding facility safety or staffing should also be directed to the Aquatics Supervisor.

Lane Reservations

  • Groups must swim in designated rental lanes ONLY, even if lanes appear to be available.
  • If you have any administration questions or concerns (schedules & billing) please contact Megann Lohman at lohmanm@bouldercolorado.gov.

Group Visits (Camps, Day Cares, etc.)

Groups of 10 or more swimmers (camps, day cares, scout troops, clubs, etc.) require a reservation. Book in advance to guarantee your spot. There are 5 pods available to be booked Monday through Friday. There are two available timeslots: 11-12:30 p,m. or 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Receive the group rate of $5 per person. Group reservations do not include cabana access.

This is a brand-new process that we are piloting this summer.

Pool Parties

We offer indoor pool parties year round at our recreation centers, and outdoor parties during the summer months at both Scott Carpenter Pool and Spruce Pool.

Pool Party Fee: $250 Resident: $200
Price includes up to 20 participants. Additional participants are $5 each.

Indoor Pool Party Information

Indoor pool parties includes 2 hours of exclusive use of a designated recreation center room and shared access to the leisure pool during your event. Pool parties may be available during Leisure Pool Open Swim. Submit the recreation center party and room rental request form to inquire about availability.

Saturn pool party shelter

Outdoor Pool Party Information

Scott Carpenter Pool: Party includes use of designated shade shelter with seating for 2 hours, Reservations are available 5/28/2024 - 08/11/2024 Daily reservation rental block options: 11:00am - 1:00pm 1:30pm - 3:30pm 4:00pm - 6:pm Includes 1 tables, 8 chairs and 1 trash can Includes admission for 20 people (youth and adults)party capacity is: 40 participants: see below to add more participants. Pool is shared access to the lap & leisure pool during Open Swim. Online Cabana Reservations

Spruce Pool: Party includes use of designated picnic tables for 2 hours, Reservations are available 5/28/2024 to 8/11/2024 Reservation rental block options: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 12pm Includes picnic tables around the leisure pool area Includes admission for 20 people (youth and adults) Max party capacity is: 40 participants: see below to add more participants. This is exclusive use of the leisure pool prior to public swim. Online Leisure Reservations

Online reservations are required for outdoor pool parties.

Additional Details

  • During checkout, you may purchase additional entries at a discounted rate of $5/entry, up to a total of 40 participants.
  • Refunds will not be given for admissions paid for in advance. Exceptions may apply during weather closures.
  • Additional admissions may be purchased the day of your visit at our normal daily rate.
  • All fees must be paid prior to the rental.
  • Rental Agreement PDF

Outdoor Cabana Rentals

Reserve your spot in the shade with at cabana rental at Scott Carpenter Pool.