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Communication and Engagement Department

Communication and Engagement Department


The mission of the Communication and Engagement Department is to gather and share information to support and encourage open, participatory government and an informed community.


The Communication and Engagement Department is comprised of the following functions:

  • Media/external communication;
  • Video services/Boulder 8TV;
  • Internal communication; and
  • Web content/Social media.
  • 2019 Total Communications Department Operating Budget:  $1,949,345**
  • 2019 Number of Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Employees: 23.75
    • Media/External Communication: 7.25
    • Multimedia/Channel 8 Services: 5
    • Internal Communication: 1
    • Web Content/Social Media: 2

** This represents 15.25 FTE employees and associated non-personnel costs budgeted within the Communications Department. There are an additional 8.5 Communication FTEs and associated non-personnel costs budgeted in the following departments: Public Works, Planning, Community Vitality, Parks and Recreation, Open Space and Mountain Parks, Climate Initiatives, Housing and Human Services, and Police and Fire. 


The Communication and Engagement Department, responsible for providing effective communication with residents, staff and council, works to increase the understanding of and support for city programs, policies and projects, and to develop positive media relations that provide balanced coverage of city issues.

Media/External Communication
Media/External Communication ensures timely and accurate public information of city operations, projects and policies, council action, crisis/disaster communications, economic vitality initiatives, and awareness campaigns through traditional media, social media and the internet.

Video Services/Boulder 8 TV
Video Services/Boulder 8 TV provides coverage of City Council, Boards and Commission meetings, and produces original Boulder programming for Comcast cable channels 8 and 880, social media and the city website to explain issues facing the community, increase awareness of items under consideration by council and council action, provides public service announcements, delivers weekly City of Boulder news, creates annual programming such as the State of the City presentation, and produces internal organization videos.

Internal Communication
Internal Communication conveys organizational information to all City of Boulder employees through bi-monthly employee newsletters and streamed all-staff meetings, as well as weekly information from specific departments to the city organization. Topics include changes in employee benefits, city compensation systems, significant city projects, staff development and training, city policies and updates on council work plans.

Web Content/Social Media
Web content/social media leads department liaison teams and oversees Internet content standards and social media guidelines to inform community members about city services and programs and to provide additional engagement opportunities outside of scheduled public meetings.