Appealing a decision of the Boulder Arts Commission Process:

  1. A letter requesting consideration of appeal must be submitted to the Chair of the Boulder Arts Commission and the staff liaison no more than 14 days after a decision has been made. The letter must include the following elements:
    1. The precise decision that is in question,
    2. The relationship with author of the letter has with the decision,
    3. The negative effects that the decision may have, and
    4. One of the following justifications:
      1. New information or new circumstances exist that might affect the decision, or
      2. An inaccuracy, mistake or misinformation was given to the Arts Commission as part of their deliberations.
  2. The chair and staff liaison will work with the City of Boulder Attorney’s Office to review the request. If the Attorney’s Office finds sufficient cause for the appeal to be considered, the request will be advanced to the full Boulder Arts Commission for consideration at the next practical meeting of the Arts Commission.
  3. A summary of the appeal, along with the letter and any other pertinent documentation, will be assembled by the staff liaison and included in the public record as part of the meeting materials for the Arts Commission.
  4. The request will be discussed as part of the agenda of the Arts Commission. At that time, the author of the letter will be permitted to speak. Other interested people and members of the public may also speak, at the discretion of the Commission Chair. The Commission will discuss the request. After discussion, the chair will call for a motion. At that time the members of the commission may:
    1. Not make a motion, thus rejecting the appeal.
    2. Move and vote to approve the appeal. This motion must include the remedy they wish to recommend.
    3. Postpone the decision and request more information.
  5. Should the author of the letter wish to dispute the rejection of the appeal, they may do so by requesting the Chair and staff liaison advance the request to the City Manager.
  6. The City Manager may take action to:
    1. Concur with the Arts Commission on rejection of the appeal,
    2. Ask that the Commission reconsider their decision to reject the appeal, or c. Seek other remedy at her discretion.
  7. The decision of the City Manager will be considered the final word on the appeal, and will be submitted to the author of the letter in writing.

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