fence open land with dogs and people

Dog Park Locations and Amenities

East Boulder Dog Park - 5660 Sioux Dr.

Fenced area for both large and small dogs. There is a concrete barrier in the lake that some dogs are able to climb.

  • Large area is about 1.5 acres.
  • Small area is about .45 acres.
  • There is limited water access to a small lake.

Foothills Dog Park - 800 Cherry Ave.

Two acre fenced park with a separate areas for both small and large dogs.

  • Large area is about 1.6 acres
  • Small area is about .5 acres

Howard Heuston Off-leash Dog Area - 34th & Iris, then south to O'Neal Parkway

  • Please note this as an 'off-leash dog area' and has different rules than a 'dog park'.
  • Voice and Sight Control area is designated north of the partial fence only.
  • The remainder of the park is leash law.
  • The size of the Voice and Sight area is about 1.25 acres.

Valmont Dog Park - approx 5300 Valmont - soft opening on Labor day weekend 2021

Dog park maintenance has wrapped up and construction is mostly complete on the bike and skate park areas at Valmont City Park!

So, the new bike pump track, skate park, and dog park will “soft open” to the public on Saturday, Sept. 4, with some areas of the park remaining closed while construction activities continue.

The main parking lot at Valmont City Park will remain closed while construction continues on the lot, storm water garden, and landscaping.

Visitors should also exercise caution and stay within designated areas since construction is still ongoing at the park. Please obey all signage and stay out of closed areas. Some areas may close due to the ongoing construction.

Fenced area for both large and small dogs.

  • Large area is about 3 acres.
  • Small area is about .25 acres.
  • It is a dog park at Valmont City Park .
  • A water spigot is available seasonally.

Know before you go...

City ordinances do apply in dog parks. All dog parks are within the city limits of Boulder and city ordinances are enforced. Leash laws do apply to all areas as you approach or exit the dog parks, whether walking home or to your parked vehicle. Aggressive animals are prohibited and should not be brought to dog parks. In all areas, guardians are responsible for picking up and removing pet excrement. This is not only the law, but helps to keep dog parks clean, water sources uncontaminated, and your shoes free of unwanted smells!

It is your responsibility to respect other park visitors and their dogs. Some people may be training their dogs, some may be recovering from an injury, some may be young dogs unaccustomed to groups of dogs, etc. Regardless of fenced areas or not, you are expected to be attentive and be able to manage your dog's behavior. Dog parks not only allow social interactions between people and their pets, but also a place to train in order to safely use Voice and Sight areas in the city system.

Dog parks are free and open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Dogs in city parks - in general : dogs are allowed in most areas of Boulder city, community and neighborhood parks on a leash. Areas where dogs are not allowed, such as sports complexes, signs stating the restrictions are posted.