Boulder Forestry manages approximately 51,000 public trees in city parks and street rights-of-way.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe urban forest as well as preserving an extensive and diverse tree cover for future generations. A benefit of a healthy urban tree canopy is maximizing the visual, social, economic, health and environmental services this natural resource has to offer for our residents and visitors. These efforts have earned the City of Boulder the Tree City USA designation by the National Arbor Day Foundation since 1984.

Our responsibilities include

Public Tree Maintenance
Planting, pruning, watering, removing, and inspecting trees that grow in public street right of ways and city parks.

Public Tree Planting Programs
Street tree requests , memorial tree planting, and other tree planting plans.

Tree Safety Inspection Program (TSIP)
Monitoring, inspection, and hazard mitigation of trees with known defects.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Long term prevention of pest problems while minimizing the impact on human health, the environment, and non-target organisms.

Commercial Tree Program
Funding and management of trees in commercial districts such as the Pearl Street Mall.

Storm Damage Response
Assessment and hazard mitigation of public tree damage after major storm events. Service Request

Managing Arborist Licensing
Assistance in the process to become a Licensed Arborist Contractor or a Licensed Tree Contractor.

Education and Outreach
Providing Boulder centric advice and resources to community members.

Maintain a Public Tree inventory
We collect data on the public trees for analysis and planning.