Boulder Fire-Rescue's Wildfire Preparedness Resources

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On this page you'll find information on the following:

  • Emergency preparedness links.
  • Ways you can improve your personal, home and community's wildfire safety.
  • Links to statewide and national wildfire mitigation and informational resources.
  • Information from us and our local partners on wildfire risk and regulations.
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Wildland Fire Preparedness Guide

This guide is designed to help City of Boulder residents prepare their families, homes, and property against the year-round threat of wildfires.

We live in a location where the wildfire threat is real. Wildfires happen frequently. A wildfire that threatens your Boulder home is not a matter of if, but when.

Be Aware, Be Vigilant, Be Safe

How to Prepare for Wildfires

Home Protection

  • Create a “fire-free” area around your home with non-flammable landscaping materials and/or high-moisture-content plants
  • Remove leaf clutter, dead vegetation and overhanging branches

Emergency Alerts

Family Plan

  • Create a family emergency plan with a designated meeting point

Go Bag


  • Consider leaving sprinklers, hoses and ladders in plain view – firefighters may use them

What to Do During a Wildfire


  • Do not wait to be advised to leave if you feel your safety is compromised. If advised to evacuate, do so quickly.

Best Practices

  • If you have time and are not in danger, close windows and doors and leave exterior lights on so firefighters can find your home in smoky conditions.

Evacuation Location

  • Go you the evacuation location pre-determined in your Family Safety Plan or as directed by local agencies.

Go Bag

  • Bring your go-bag