Participation helps inform future planning efforts and track progress toward community goals

BOULDER, Colo. — The City of Boulder is launching the 2023 Boulder Valley Resident Travel Study, which tracks changes to the community’s travel habits. Beginning Sept. 25, a travel survey and diary will be mailed to a randomly selected, statistically representative group of Boulder Valley residents. The travel diary asks household representatives to track their trips for 24 hours.

The city encourages selected recipients to participate. Responses help the city evaluate progress toward meeting community goals such as reducing vehicle miles traveled and increasing walking, biking and taking transit. Data also informs future city planning and policy efforts, including around transportation, climate, housing and more.

The city is working with a research firm, Polco/National Research Center, to conduct the survey. Participant data is confidential. Recipients can also complete the travel survey and diary in Spanish by calling the phone number provided in the mailed materials.

The study has taken place every two to three years since 1990. View past results on the 1990-2018 Boulder Valley Modal Shift Report and learn more about city goals on the Transportation Master Plan webpage.