Breathe easy: We recently launched an air quality webpage to help community members stay healthy and informed on air quality issues, both inside and outside the home.

Poor air quality, whether from ground-level ozone or from wildfire smoke, doesn’t just obscure the view of our beloved Rockies; it can also pose serious health risks, particularly for vulnerable members of our community.

According to the Denver Post, this summer was a record breaker in terms of air quality here along the Front Range: Health officials issued a total of 57 air quality advisories to date, and one nearly every day since July 4.

To help our community stay healthy and informed on air quality issues, both inside and outside the home, the City of Boulder recently launched an Air Quality webpage.

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Resource

The new air quality webpage explains many of the sources of both indoor and outdoor air pollution and provides tips and resources so that community members can protect their health during poor air quality days.

At the top of the webpage are links to air quality index (AQI)-related resources answering questions such as:

  • What is Boulder’s air quality now?
  • How does the AQI work?
  • Where can I sign up for air quality alerts?
  • How and when should I adjust my activity due to ozone and particle pollution?

The webpage outlines the health risks of ozone and particulate matter — two key determinants of outdoor air quality — as well as wildfire smoke and how to minimize exposure to them.

Sections that follow list common sources of both indoor and outdoor air pollution. For each type of pollutant, resources and tips are provided to help community members understand and address them.

Last but not least, the webpage showcases some City of Boulder partnerships, programs and services related to air quality, from home advising services and rebates offered through the EnergySmart program to the Wildfire Home Assessment Project.

Visit the webpage early and often: We’ll add new tips and resources as they become available!

Browse the new air quality webpage today.