Known as the Wildfire Home Assessment Project, the program aims to conduct a safety assessment of each home within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) boundary of the City of Boulder.

The program is divided into two types of assessments: Curbside Wildfire Home Assessments and Detailed Wildfire Home Assessments. Curbside assessments are completed by uniformed BFR personnel during business hours from the viewpoint of the street, sidewalk or public property and they do not access private property. These initial curbside assessments are designed to capture a general impression of how well each home is prepared for a wildfire event.

To see if your home has been assessed by BFR personnel for a curbside assessment, you can access the Curbside Wildfire Assessment Map on the assessment website found here:

For City of Boulder homeowners and renters who wish to improve their curbside assessment rating, or to learn more about how to better prepare their home against the threat of a wildfire, you can schedule a free detailed assessment with BFR personnel through the “Detailed Wildfire Home Assessment Request Form” link on the same site.