Boulder Police Seek Public’s Assistance in Locating Missing Teen Chole Campbell

Boulder police are seeking the community’s assistance in locating a missing 14-year-old girl who is believed to be a runaway but could be in danger.

Chloe Campbell has been missing since Friday, Sept. 30. She was last seen at the Boulder High football game.

Investigators have received some information from friends who appear to have been in contact with Chloe, and there have been a few reported sightings of her in and around the Boulder area. However, no one in her family has spoken with Chloe since Sept. 30. Friends have received messages that they believe could be from Chloe saying she is safe with a “family” in Arizona and does not want to return home, but family and police have been unable to confirm if these messages are, in fact, from Chloe or true.

This case presently does not meet the criteria for the issuance of an Amber Alert, but investigators are growing increasingly concerned about the teen’s safety as it is believed that she has no access to money or her medication. She may be with an adult male.

Chloe’s loved ones have posted fliers around town, and police are hoping that amplifying this message will help in reuniting the child with her family. Chloe’s family wants Chloe to know that they just want her home safe and that she is not in trouble.

Police do not have any additional information to share with the public at this time, and as such, will not be doing any media interviews. Chloe’s family has indicated they would be willing to speak with reporters.