Boulder-Fire Rescue is planning prescribed burns this spring for several agricultural ditches and Open Space and Mountain Parks property.

Boulder Fire-Rescue, in collaboration with Open Space and Mountain Parks and the Boulder County Sherriff’s Office, plans on conducting prescribed burns at the following locations for the spring of 2023:

  • White Rock Ditch (McKenzie): South of Jay Rd., East of Diagonal Hwy/119.
  • McGinn and South Boulder Canyon Ditches (Watt and Webb), between Arapahoe Rd. and Baseline Rd., East of 75th St. and West of 95th St.
  • Leyner Cottonwood #1 Ditch (King-Hodgson), near the 7000 block of Valmont Rd., East of 75th St, just east of Valmont Reservoir.
  • Dry Creek (near IBM): West of N 71st St., East of Diagonal Hwy/119 and South of 52/Mineral Road.

As a reminder, Boulder and our partner agencies schedule prescribed burns with significant consideration of multiple requirements. When the city implements a prescribed burn, firefighters trained in preparing, lighting, and supervising prescribed fires will manage a team of certified firefighting staff to confine and contain the burn.

Due to the complex nature of planning prescribed burns, we cannot state what exact days we will burn. Therefore, when conditions are appropriate, the city will release additional information on the prescribed burn for that day.

For more information on prescribed burns on Boulder property:

For more information on the health impacts of smoke: