Goal is to ensure that individuals of all ages can thrive

Goal is to ensure that individuals of all ages can thrive

The City of Boulder is pleased to announce it has earned the designation as a Colorado Lifelong City. This designation is the result of a two-year planning process that sought to ensure that individuals of all ages, including those who are in later stages of their lives, can thrive in our community.

Age-friendly communities foster economic growth and lead to happier, healthier community members. Many cities across the nation are taking steps to ensure their communities are age-friendly.

Boulder’s Lifelong Boulder recommendations, which will guide the city’s work for years to come, cover four main areas:

  • Mobility and Access
    Example: Reviewing public sidewalk systems, public streets to ensure barrier-free access and walkability improvements.

  • Housing
    Example: Providing, supporting, promoting and publicizing programs or incentives that support the development of accessible and affordable housing options for older adults.

  • Community Living
    Example: Supporting opportunities for older adults to remain in the workforce by offering equitable and innovative employment options.

  • Support Services
    Example: The city and other community organizations supporting or providing mixed-use services in accessible locations and informal opportunities for neighbors to connect.

"We’re grateful to the staff and partners who worked on these recommendations, which will support community members of all ages for years to come,” said Eden Bailey, Older Adult Services manager. “This has been an exciting opportunity to assess our programming and overall approach with an inclusivity lens.”

Lifelong Boulder is part of a statewide initiative called Lifelong Colorado which aims to ensure all Coloradans will be able to live and fully participate in their communities for as long as possible.

On Tuesday, May 3, Boulder City Council declared May 2022 as Older Americans Month. With this declaration, council urged the community to take time this month to recognize older adults as essential and valuable community members and to acknowledge the individuals who support and serve them.

Learn more about the Lifelong Boulder recommendations on the city’s website.