Three updated locations part of updated five-year safety plan to end severe crashes

This spring, the City of Boulder will install two new red-light photo enforcement cameras at the intersections of Canyon Boulevard and 15th Street, and 28th Street and Jay Road. Additionally, automated speed enforcement will begin at an existing red-light camera located at the Broadway and Pine Street intersection.

Automated speed enforcement is anticipated to begin on March 15. Red-light photo enforcement is anticipated to begin on April 1. The city will issue warning citations for the first month of enforcement. As with existing automated photo enforcement locations, the city will install signage nearby each location to alert the traveling public of intersections with photo enforcement.

Speeding and running red lights are two of the most common causes of fatal and serious-injury traffic crashes in Boulder. City intersections with red-light cameras have seen a drop in violations since the program first started in 1998 and a 70% decrease in the annual number of traffic crashes caused by running red lights. As a result, the city's Vision Zero Action Plan calls for expanding photo enforcement at key locations to support Boulder's Vision Zero goal of eliminating severe crashes.

A ticket from an automated enforcement camera is a valid traffic ticket, just as if it were issued by a police officer. Learn more about photo enforcement in the City of Boulder and common myths about red-light cameras.

Traffic sign with words Traffic Laws Photo Enforced

An example of traffic signs alerting the public of automated photo enforcement.