Artwork will be located at the Alpine-Balsam property, which will house municipal functions and serve community members.

The city’s Community Vitality Department seeks to commission artists to create original works of art for the new Western City Campus building. The budget for each of the three projects ranges from $100,000 to $450,000. The selection panel is especially interested in artists who can demonstrate an understanding of the area’s history, landscape and culture.

The open calls include:

“For the first time in almost three years, the City of Boulder is excited to open calls for entry to artists in Colorado and beyond,” said Public Art Program Manager Brendan Picker-Mahoney. “The Western City Campus projects are open to a variety of different mediums, from murals to suspended artworks. It’s a great opportunity for artists to showcase their creativity and help build the identity of the city’s new municipal building.”

To be eligible for consideration by the selection panel, artists must submit applications by Friday, June 28, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Interested artists should apply through the calls posted to CaFÉ. Learn more about each open call for entry on the city’s public art program webpage.

Additionally, community members are invited to share some themes, memories, values, and key words about the Western City Campus property, the surrounding neighborhood, and Boulder that selected artists should think about when designing their proposals. Visit the public art program webpage to submit your feedback.

“Funding for Western City Campus artwork comes from the city’s Percent for Art Policy, which allocates one percent of the construction budgets of new capital and capital enhancement projects to be allocated for commissioning artworks,” said City Manager Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde. “This dedicated funding for public artwork is an investment in the arts community far beyond paying an artist. The lasting social and economic impacts of arts investment are evident and contribute to the shared story of our vibrant city.”

The Alpine-Balsam property, formerly the Boulder Community Health (BCH) hospital, was purchased by the City of Boulder in 2015. Plans for redevelopment have taken shape over the past several years. The reimagined site will provide new affordable and market-rate homes in a range of housing types and will be the future location of the Western City Campus to house municipal functions. More information can be found on the project webpage.