Fund supports substance use and abuse prevention for Boulder youth, families and community members.

The City of Boulder has released its annual Substance Education and Awareness Fund (SEA) Report for the 2020 program year. The SEA Fund provides grants to organizations that focus on youth substance use prevention. The annual report outlines key activities and community impacts that resulted from SEA Fund program grantees.

Since 2017, the city, in collaboration with Boulder County Community Services, has supported substance use prevention programs that benefit youth and other community members. These programs help give youth, families and community members substance use prevention information, tools, skills and support for healthy living.

2020 highlighted the importance of collaboration among agencies as they partnered to work through the impacts of COVID-19 in this space. These programs have been even more important given increased stress, anxiety and disparities due to the pandemic. SEA Fund grantee partners also benefited from network collaboration and professional development activities, which increase community capacity for substance use prevention.

“Youth are experiencing unprecedented levels of isolation, fear and loss, and this can lead to increased substance use,” said Human Services Investments Manager Elizabeth Crowe. “By supporting positive social activities and strength-based programs for youth, training for adults and providing health information and alternatives to addictive substances, SEA Fund grantee partners are helping overcome those challenges.”

The SEA Fund is accepting applications for the 2022 to 2026 fund round through Sept. 20, 2021. Interested organizations can learn more about eligibility and how to apply on the city's website.

2020 SEA Report