Last month, two Boulder High School students, Diana Pinto Avina and Gia Salazar, selflessly and courageously helped a neighbor in need and are being honored for their kindness by Boulder City Council, the Goss-Grove Neighborhood Association and the Boulder High community. 

These two young students, both ninth graders, witnessed 73-year-old Boulder resident Deborah Danko slip and fall backwards off the front steps of her home during a rainstorm on Oct. 14. They ran to Ms. Danko’s side, quickly calling 911 for help, and stayed with her and protected her from the rain using their jackets until emergency response help arrived. 

Sadly, Ms. Danko succumbed to her injuries, but her family and our entire community are grateful to Diana and Gia for their kindness, so she was not alone in her final minutes. When faced with an extremely difficult situation, they took it upon themselves to act, and they did so with maturity and compassion well beyond their years.

Boulder City Council appreciated Diana and Gia with a declaration read in their honor at the Nov. 9 council meeting, the Goss-Grove Neighborhood Association formally recognized Diana and Gia by praising them as individuals exemplifying the best of our community and Boulder High School principal James A. Hill commended them at a school ceremony on Nov. 8.

In thanking them on Nov. 9, Mayor Sam Weaver said, “We, the members of the Boulder City Council, recognize and appreciate the significant contribution made by Diana Pinto Avina and Gia Salazar. Thank you for your kindness that is a model for the entire community.”