Cahn has served as associate judge in Boulder for 21 years and is highly regarded as champion of procedural fairness and equity

A national search for Boulder’s next municipal judge has resulted in a recommendation for Jeffrey Cahn to step into the ongoing role. Council will vote on this recommendation at its April 11 meeting.

Judge Cahn has served as Boulder’s Associate Judge for the court for 21 years and has served as the Interim Presiding Judge for the past nine months. In addition, he has been the Presiding Judge for the Frederick Municipal Court since 2009 and the Edgewater Municipal Court since 2012.

Judge Cahn has a Bachelor’s Degree from Stanford University and a law degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder.

During his decades of service, Judge Cahn demonstrated his abilities on the bench, had the opportunity to oversee a wide variety of court programs, and mentored many judges and legal professionals. Perhaps most importantly, however, he has shown a deep commitment to procedural fairness, justice system reform and equity.

“It was important to us to identify a judge who would be aligned with Boulder’s values, especially as they relate to the criminal justice system,” said Mayor Pro Tem Nicole Speer, who serves alongside Council Member Ryan Schuchard on the Council Employee Evaluation Committee.

“Judge Cahn has shown a clear commitment to collaboration and compassionate problem-solving in the municipal court system. He supports innovative programs and partnerships, and we believe he will be fair and independent while also treating all court participants with the dignity and respect they deserve,” Speer said. “We are pleased to recommend him to our council colleagues.”

The Boulder Municipal Court addresses alleged violations of city codes. It is a separate system from the state judicial districts, although the courts are housed in the same building. Boulder Municipal Court is known for problem-solving programs and partnerships that seek to connect defendants with services to prevent ongoing contact with the court. The latest innovation is Community Court, which brings the court to individuals to build trust, reduce failure to appear charges and increase participation in support systems. The court also collaborates closely with CU-Boulder to address quality of life infractions involving students.

“I am so proud of the work of the Boulder Municipal Court team and am honored to have the opportunity to serve our community as the next presiding judge,” Cahn said. “I believe in a fair, effective and humane court that promotes inclusion, accessibility and acceptance. I also believe that people like me who have enjoyed great privilege should be strong allies to the causes of equity and racial justice. I look forward to continuing this commitment in this new role.”

A headshot of Judge Cahn is attached.

Headshot of Jeff Cahn