Boulder-area immigrant community invited to learn about starting a business

The City of Boulder and the University of Colorado Boulder Law School invite Boulder-area immigrants to an informational event on April 20 from 9:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at City Council Chambers (1777 Broadway). The event will provide information on legal pathways for non-citizens to start their own businesses.

“Given the recent growth in newcomers arriving in our region, immigration and work status have been subjects of community concern and conversation,” said Equity Policy Advisor Ana Silvia Avendaño Curiel. “It is important for the City of Boulder to empower our immigrant community with vital information to help people become aware of possible paths they can take.”

The presentation will be led by Professor Violeta Chapin, Associate Dean and clinical law professor at the University of Colorado Law School. Additional partner organizations will be invited to provide direct information and connect participants with existing support and resources.

“We want to host this event for the local immigrant community because immigrants who are able to build successful businesses play a vital role in creating a thriving community and economy, while generating income that can support their families here and abroad.”

The presentation will be in English, with interpretation to Spanish available. To request interpretation in another language, please email Ana Silvia Avendaño-Curiel at: by April 16.

This session will allow time for questions and group discussion. This is an information session, not a legal clinic for individual cases, but attendees can learn about where to go for individualized help and financial assistance. The city will also provide activities to support child attendees.

This partnership between the city and the University of Colorado Law Clinic addresses a critical need in the community for more information about immigration law and policy in our country. Through this event, as well as annual grants to nonprofit organizations that serve legal needs of immigrants, the city recognizes the importance of supporting immigrants as valued members of and contributors to Boulder’s community and economy.

This event is the third in a series of information sessions for immigrants and new arrivals. Recordings of the first two sessions, which covered changing immigration status and accessing higher education, are available on the city’s website.