On Jan. 13 the City of Boulder issued an Emergency Order to allow the availability of additional housing units to mitigate the effects of the damage caused by the Marshall Fire, Middle Fork Fire and hurricane-force winds experienced on Dec. 30, 2021. The order is in addition to the extension of the emergency declaration issued by the city manager on Jan. 2 until further notice.

The city is committed to helping the community through these tragic events by helping to make additional housing available to those suffering from the recent disaster. The order will temporarily allow modifications to the city’s rental licensing requirements to address the emergency disaster situation. Under the order, exemptions from rental licensing requirements may be granted to help alleviate the shortage of available housing for displaced people whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the fires or winds.

This order is necessary to prevent displacement or possible homelessness due to the disaster emergency and will exempt new rental properties used to house those impacted by the disaster situation from some rental licensing requirements that have applied between Jan. 13 and Feb. 28. The exemption will be in effect through March 15, 2025.

Learn more about rental housing licensing here. For information on how to help neighboring communities in need and view assistance currently available for those impacted by the Marshall Fire, please visit Boulder County’s website.