Department continues to focus on expanding and optimizing virtual processes

The Planning and Development Services Department (P&DS) has added virtual appointments to their extensive list of online services. The appointments will give applicants an opportunity to virtually discuss their projects with a specialist.

Just like every enterprise, P&DS’s operations were significantly impacted by COVID-19. When the pandemic began, the department quickly virtualized time-tested processes that had been exclusively conducted on paper. Prior to the pandemic, most P&DS services required in-person contact and a visit to the physical services center, which is currently closed.

Since March 2020, the department has been operating remotely with an eye on improving and optimizing its virtual offerings. Over the last year, the department has significantly increased its digital functionality, added tools and simplified user pathways on its webpages, while focusing on clarity and consistency with the goal of providing accurate, timely and predictable services.

In tandem with virtual appointments, the department has modified its internal inquiry and intake processes to further streamline customer interactions and enhance the customer experience. Customers can now more easily find answers to their questions through online tools and connect more quickly with staff who are most knowledgeable about their question or service need.

“Throughout the pandemic, our entire team has provided a high level of service to the community,” said Planning and Development Services Department Director Jacob Lindsey. “We will continue to focus on meeting Boulder’s planning and development needs and putting systems in place that allow us to function efficiently and effectively in a virtual environment.”

The department’s mission is to collaborate with the community to define and implement an inclusive vision for the city’s future while consistently administering codes and policies to ensure the health, safety and well-being.

To learn more about the department, including virtual appointments, visit the city’s website.