Current leader Jonathan Koehn brings institutional knowledge, leadership, and vision.

City Manager Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde announced today that she is promoting Interim Director of Climate Initiatives Jonathan Koehn to the ongoing role, effective immediately.

Koehn has been a leader on Boulder’s Climate Initiatives Team since 2006 when he joined the organization as the Manager for the Office of Environmental Affairs. He came from Flagstaff, AZ, where he oversaw the city's conservation and sustainability programs.

In his tenure with Boulder, Koehn was instrumental in the decade-long effort to create a locally owned and operated electric utility followed by building the city’s innovative partnership with Xcel Energy to help move the city toward its energy, equity and resilience goals. Additionally, he has spearheaded the city’s efforts to slow climate change and build a more resilient community through his work in renewable energy, nature-based climate solutions and the circular economy.

Boulder has long led on actions to preserve the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change, with City Council and the community consistently demonstrating support for these efforts.

“Jonathan has a strong vision to address the climate change crisis, and he has demonstrated the ability to lead staff teams effectively and compassionately through significant change,” Rivera-Vandermyde said. “Our community is poised to take the next step in this work with bold solutions, and I can think of no better person than Jonathan to lead our efforts.”

Koehn also shares his knowledge and experience with the leaders of tomorrow by teaching for the Masters of the Environment School at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“The challenge and the opportunity for our community is immense. Building on the lessons learned in more than 20 years of climate work, now is the moment to ensure that the city’s climate action efforts achieve maximum impact locally and globally. Getting there requires bold action, new partnerships and ways of engaging to accelerate the new solutions the world requires. At the same time, our work should benefit everyone in Boulder,” Koehn said. “I am honored to have been selected to serve the Boulder community in this capacity, and to work alongside such a talented team during this defining time.”

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