Broken bottles and alcohol litter can harm shared natural areas, and alcohol use on open space can present a danger to visitors and community members.

Every week, Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Rangers and city staff remove countless alcohol bottles and other alcohol litter left on the land.

Beyond the harm broken bottles and alcohol litter can cause to shared natural areas, alcohol use on open space can also present a danger to community members, open space visitors and first responders. Alcohol use on Flagstaff Mountain presents a particular danger because of the area’s steep and rugged trails, its winding roads, and its high popularity among community members and bicyclists.

The City of Boulder reminds community members that glass containers and alcohol – including beer, wine and spirits – are prohibited on city open space. OSMP Rangers are increasing patrols and outreach about city open space rules, including alcohol regulations, in areas where alcohol has led to excessive litter and visitor safety concerns, such as Flagstaff Mountain.

Community members can reserve Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) shelters and facilities for special events – such as weddings – through a regulated permitting process that allows event participants to consume beer and wine in non-glass containers.

OSMP also reminds community members to recreate responsibly:

  • Enjoy and protect shared public lands. Remember to “Leave No Trace” and pack out all trash and dog waste. Know which public lands allow dogs on trails and which don't.

  • Be courteous and inclusive. People have different reasons for visiting shared public lands and everyone deserves respect and courtesy while recreating outdoors.

  • “Know before you go.” Remember to plan ahead, know your limits and don’t take unnecessary risks.

  • Don’t park illegally at trailheads. Make a backup plan in case a trailhead is full. Take shuttle services to popular trailheads and recreation areas.

  • Stay on trail and walk through mud. Step onto a bare spot or rock if you need to step off trail. Once others pass, immediately step back on trail.