The back-to-school season is an exciting time of year. Families prepare to settle into a new schedule, teachers get ready to welcome a new class of students and the city’s Family Outreach Coordinators head back to work to help Boulder families get connected with resources and services that can set them up for success.

The city’s Family Resource Schools Program (FRS) is a partnership between the City of Boulder and the Boulder Valley School District serving children and families at five elementary schools in Boulder: Columbine, Creekside, Crest View, University Hill and Whittier International.

FRS is dedicated to supporting families’ capacity to raise healthy, well-functioning and successful children through a broad array of services. FRS promotes family self-sufficiency, removes barriers to academic achievement, builds on family strengths, enhances academic opportunities at school and serves as an advocate for families.

What services are available?

The availability of services varies by school. Available services include:

  • Case management and follow-up services

  • Counseling: individual and group

  • Referrals to service providers

  • Prevention/intervention

  • Workshops, classes and school engagement for parents

  • Neighborhood outreach

  • Coordination of special events

  • Afterschool enrichment programs

  • Academic training

  • Child care and child care subsidies

  • Basic needs and transportation assistance

  • Dental, medical and vision care

Access to FRS services has a positive impact on students and families. The parent of a third grader at Columbine shared, “FRS counseling services have helped my family meet my child’s needs. My child does better in school and feels more secure thanks to the support of the FRS staff. We have a better relationship with (my child’s) teacher and are grateful for this service."

These services are developed and delivered according to the unique needs of families in each school community. The program especially emphasizes outreach to traditionally underserved populations to increase access to basic services and engagement in school.

How does FRS work?

Family Outreach Coordinators (FOCs) are located at each of the five FRS schools and work directly with the school community.

Families self-refer or are referred by school staff or community case managers. FOCs meet with families to complete an intake and assessment and then provide support directly to the family or refer families to a partner organization that can help.

Get Involved with the Family Resource Schools Program

If your family is interested in accessing these services, contact Wanda Pelegrina Caldas at 303-218-8562 or email