“You can do it!” “You got this.” “It’s okay if you fall!”

These were some of the encouraging words said when the Chill Foundation brought kids from the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County to Valmont Skate Park for their first skateboarding lessons. They visited the park on June 15, 16 and 17 with volunteers from the Chill Foundation, Square State Skate and the Satellite Boardshop who taught them how to successfully ride on a skateboard.

Sixteen “dreamers” from the Foundation put on helmets and knee pads, some for the very first time, grabbed a board loaned from Raul Pinto at Satellite Boardshop, and learned to skate. During the program, they weaved between cones, skated to and from the Green Block skate space, and even rode on the new skate park at Valmont.

Kids who already had previous experience skating, confidently tackled the beginner level bowls and ramps in the skate park. Others focused on keeping their feet apart and balancing when moving slowly on the flat sidewalk areas.

“I appreciate all the help the city provided to make this program happen,” said Chill Foundation Partnerships Manager Misty Forde. “Valmont Park was perfect and I hope we can continue to run more programs there in the future.”

At the end of the third day, the dreamers received a helmet from the Can’d Aid Foundation and a free skateboard from Pinto’s Satellite Boardshop or Can’d Aid, built skateboards thanks to the GIRL Skateboard company.

The partnership was a great opportunity for community organizations, like the Chill Foundation, Satellite Boardshop, and Square State Skate to partner with Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department and benefit these young community members.