Affordable housing is a vital component of a thriving community. Research shows that stable, affordable housing is crucial to a community's health, environment and overall well-being. The City of Boulder’s Sustainability + Resilience Framework calls for a variety of housing types with a full range of affordability.

Over the last several decades, the City of Boulder has significantly increased the availability of low- and moderate-income housing options, but middle-income housing has not seen the same growth. The city has been working to expand the available middle-income housing inventory in its Permanently Affordable Homes program to help provide the opportunity for middle-income earners to thrive in our community.

If you’re a middle-income earner looking for a home in Boulder, here are a few programs to explore:

Down Payment Assistance

The income limit for the down payment assistance program, House to Homeownership (H2O), has been expanded to 120% of the Area Median Income, see chart below. In addition, the amount available to participants has doubled and now allows loans of up to $100,000. This program offers a deferred payment second loan on a market rate home in Boulder.

Permanently Affordable Homes

Incomes as high as 120% of the Area Median Income, see chart below, are allowed for some homes in the Permanently Affordable Homes program. Homes targeted for middle-income households generally sell for around $275,000-$375,000. Homes in this program sell at below market rate prices and have restrictions intended to keep them affordable into the future. While the number of homes available is limited, the city is working to increase the inventory of homes for middle-income buyers through regulatory requirements and acquisition. Currently available properties will always be listed on the Homes for Sale page.

MetroDPA (Down Payment Assistance)

This regional program can provide a forgivable loan for up to 6% of the primary loans value to households earning up to $150,000. The MetroDPA Program is administered by the City and County of Denver, and the City of Boulder is a participating jurisdiction.

Income Max for Middle-Income Buyers (120% AMI) 

Area Median Income, commonly referred to as "AMI," is a federal calculation based on census data from Boulder. Half of households make less than the 100 percent Area Median Income and half make more. Income limits for affordable housing, both rental and homeownership, are established at different percentages of the AMI.

One Person Two People Three People Four People Five People Six People
$98,280 $112,320 $126,360 $140,280 $151,560 $162,840

The city is committed to maintaining diverse housing options for all people, regardless of their income and has a goal for 15% of all housing units to be affordable for low-, moderate- and middle-income households by 2035. These goals are part of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, which outlines the community vision for Boulder's future. Learn more about all available City of Boulder homeownership programs on the city's website.

Share Your Feedback

Boulder’s Homeownership Team is collecting feedback about the Permanently Affordable Homes program and we want to hear from you. Visit to share your thoughts on how we can improve the program to make it work better for your family.