Neighborhood home

Homeownership Programs

The City of Boulder is committed to making homes in our community available to a variety of people. We offer opportunities for homeownership to those with low, moderate and middle incomes.

Free classes are available online and in-person to help people better understand the programs and home buying process. If you move forward with an application some of these classes are required.

Partner Programs

Buyers in our programs also may take advantage of these partner programs when buying a home.


The MetroDPA Program is administered by the City and County of Denver, and the City of Boulder is a participating jurisdiction. MetroDPA makes available to income eligible buyers a forgivable loan for up to 5% of the primary loans value.

Match for Down Payment Savings (6 month lead time needed)

The Boulder County Personal Investment Enterprise program will give qualified applicants a $4 match for every dollar they save for down payment up to $1000 ($4000 match). Funds need to be saved in a special account and require a six month saving period. For more information

Notice of Nondiscrimination