Application Wait List

The popularity of the homeownership program has grown over the years. This increase in demand has slowed the processing time of applications at times. To help even out this demand, the program uses a wait list to regulate the number of applications submitted per week.

Interested in Applying to the program

Those interested in applying to the program should submit the form below or call 303-441-3157 option 2. This will place them on an application wait list. Each Friday, program staff evaluate the near term capacity for processing new applications and inform prospective applicants of their opportunity to submit an application.

Wait list length

The number of people on the wait list may vary throughout the year. Generally, the spring and summer months are the busiest. Sometimes, prospective applicants may be invited to apply within a month of being added to the wait list. At other times, it may take a few months.

Notification and applying process

Applicants are notified that it is their turn to apply in the order they are added to the list. The notification contains a link to the program application and details on submission dates. Applicants will be given a two-week window to submit their application. The notification they receive will be one weeks in advance of this submission window.

Example notification and submission timeline:

  • Friday, April 2: Notified of opportunity to submit an application
  • Friday, April 9 (1 weeks later): Application may be submitted (start)
  • Friday, April 23 (2 week later): Last day to submit the application

Invited applicants that do not submit an application within their time window may reenter themselves on the wait list again.

Submitting an application does not guarantee a home

Submitting an application does not guarantee a home. Applying for the program, assuming the applicant is approved, only allows people to enter into the fair selection process for a home.

Steps that can be taken now

While waiting to receive the invitation to apply, applicants can begin gathering the information needed for the application. The Required Document Checklist contains a comprehensive list of supporting documents needed. This includes documents from a lender.
Required Document Checklist - English
Required Document Checklist - Spanish

Homeownership Application Wait List

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