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Homebuyer Education

Homebuyer Education

City of Boulder Homeownership Program Orientation (required)

Orientation provides an overview of the programs the city offers, qualification requirements, home restrictions, and the application and buying process. We recommended you take this class first. You are required to complete it before you close on a home.

The schedule is posted to the right. Both in-person and online options are available. To preregister call 303-441-3157 ext. 2 or email

CHFA Homebuyer Class (required)

We recommended you take this class as soon as possible to aid in your home buying. You are required to complete the class before you close. To meet this requirement you may take any Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) approved Homebuyer Education Class. The training is available in the classroom and on-line.

Boulder County Housing Counseling Program offers the in-person class at no cost every month. Topics include how much home you can afford, budget homeownership expenses, how credit affects home buying, resources for down payment assistance, mortgage financing options, real estate contracts, and home inspections. Register early as classes fill up quickly! For more information and to register contact Boulder County at 720-564-2279.

Links to the current Boulder County class schedule and CHFA’s regional class schedule are posted to the right.

Other Education Opportunity for Interested Homebuyers (optional)

Boulder County offers Housing Counseling that provides free financial education, coaching, guidance and incentives to future home buyers. Topics include:

Budget: Learn how to create a workable spending plan, assign goals for your money, track your expenses, identify your “needs” and “wants," and develop ways to make budgeting a habit.

Credit: This class will teach you how to manage your credit effectively and wisely. You will learn what goes into a credit score, how to access your free credit report, ways to improve or build your credit, how to read your credit report and correct information on your report that is not accurate.

Debt Reduction: Helps you discover the reasons you borrow money in the first place, understand common forms and causes of debt, identify the warning signs for too much debt, learn the “Six Steps to Debt Freedom” and avoid unnecessary debt in the future.

Banking & Savings: This class is designed to help you start a relationship with a financial institution or evaluate your current one, understand banking terms and practices, become familiar with savings and investment products, raise awareness of common fees, and learn methods and tips to save money.

For additional information, call 720-564-2279

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