Homeownership Programs

The City of Boulder is committed to making homes in our community available to a variety of people. We offer opportunities for homeownership to those with low, moderate, and middle incomes.

Application Process

The steps needed to apply to the program are laid out below.

How to Apply for the Homeownership Programs


Orientation is the first step in the process for buyers to decide if this program is the right fit for them. This class will help buyers understand the eligibility requirements, application process, and their rights and responsibilities as an owner in the program.

Contact a Lender

Choose a lender, submit their required documents, and receive mortgage loan pre-approval. The city requires a Pre-Approval Letter and a copy of a Loan Application (also known as Form 1003) as part of the program application. Applicants may use any lender they choose. If one chooses to work with a lender not familiar with the program, please direct them to the For Lenders section of the website.

Submit an Application

To receive a link to the program application, interested applicants need to be added to the Application Wait List.

Complete the Boulder County Homeownership Programs Common Application. Applicants will need to attach all required supporting documentation requested in the application. If it is discovered information is missing from a submitted application, this information must be provided within 30 days of when the application was originally submitted.

  • For the purpose of the selection process application deadlines, we will not consider an application complete until all documents listed in the application have been received. Staff require up to approximately 10 business days to process application documents to check for completeness.
  • The Boulder County Homeownership Programs Common Application enables applicants to apply to all of the following homeownership programs:
    • City of Boulder
    • City of Longmont
    • Elevation Community Land Trust
    • Flatirons Habitat for Humanity
    • Thistle Communities
    • Boulder County Down Payment Assistance Program
  • We will share an application with other programs as indicated by the applicant on the program selection tab or the application cover page.

CHFA Homebuyer Education Class

The CHFA Homebuyer Education Class must be completed by buyers prior to going under contract on a home. We recommend taking this class as soon as possible. The class will provide information about the home purchase and closing process.

You may take this class from any CHFA approved provider in the state, including Boulder County. Options can be found on the Homebuyer Education page.

Applicants who are or have been a homeowner, still must take this class. The class expires after three years, so if an applicant does not purchase a home in that timeframe they will need to take the class again.

Shop for a Home

Households that qualify for the Permanently Affordable Homes Program may look at Homes for Sale on our website. A real estate agent can help set up showings, and open houses will be listed on our website.

Households qualifying to use the Shared Appreciation Loan (H2O) can work with their real estate agent to look at market rate homes in the city of Boulder.

Applicants can use any real estate agent they choose. If one is working with an agent not familiar with the program, they should be directed to the For Realtors section of our website.

After You Apply

The preliminary program certification is valid for 12 months. At the end of 12 months, applicants may recertify for free.

Recertification materials are due two weeks before their current certification expires. It's recommended to plan ahead. Staff require up to approximately 10 business days to process recertification documents to check for completeness. The only item that can be updated during a period of certification is a change of address. Changes to income, assets and other household demographics will be adjusted at the end of the nine months if an applicant recertifies.

Once an applicant has a signed contract to buy a home, the City will review the contract, inspection, loan, and other buyer documents. If these items meet program requirements we will issue a Final Certification Letter.

Once an applicant has received final certification, they are eligible to purchase/close on the home. At closing, buyers will sign documents prepared by the City of Boulder, including the Covenant. To prepare for closing buyers will meet with City of Boulder Homeownership staff approximately one week before closing to review these documents.

Notice of Nondiscrimination