Information for Landlords, Tenants and Roommates

This page contains resources for landlords, tenants and roommates in the City of Boulder.

The Landlord-Tenant Handbook

The Landlord-Tenant Handbook provides information for both landlords and tenants regarding residential property rentals. This information does not constitute legal advice; it is intended to serve as a guide and is not to be used as a substitute for counsel from a qualified attorney.

Landlord-Tenant FAQs

Can my landlord come into my apartment whenever they feel like it? What is normal wear and tear? The landlord has not returned my security deposit, what do I do? For answers to these and other commonly asked questions see our Landlord-Tenant FAQs.

Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services

The Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services (EPRAS) program was a result of the passage of the No Eviction without Representation measure in November 2020. The program helps people resolve eviction-related housing issues through legal services, rental assistance and mediation. Learn more about potential resources and new requirements for landlords under ordinance 8412 on the EPRAS page.

Preventing Roommate Disputes

Peaceful co-existence among roommates doesn’t always happen by accident. Steps can be taken to prevent common household tensions and address situations when they occur. See our guidelines for avoiding roommate disputes.

Mediation for Dispute Resolution

Mediation can help landlords, tenants and roommates resolve their disputes even if they have been unable to so independently. There is no fee to use the City of Boulder mediation services. Visit the Community Mediation and Resolution Center to learn more.

Interest on Security Deposits

The City of Boulder legally requires that landlords return interest on the security deposits they hold for their tenants. The interest rate for 2024 is 2.33%. To view rates from previous years and for more information on how to determine the amount see our calculation formula.