Legal and Financial Services for Those Facing Eviction

The Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services (EPRAS) program expands legal and financial services for those facing a potential eviction. The program helps people resolve eviction-related housing issues through legal services, rental assistance and mediation. If you live in Boulder and are facing a potential eviction, don’t wait to take action.

Request Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services

Contact Us

Contact our eviction prevention coordinator to assess your situation and connect you to available resources that best meet your needs.

Connect with Staff

Once you have requested services a coordinator will contact you to discuss your options.

Connect with Resources

​​​​​​EPRAS staff will connect you to the appropriate resource and offer follow up support as needed. It's important to follow through on your resolution as soon as possible.

Information for Landlords

This program is funded by the Long-Term Rental Tax, which requires the following for long-term rental license holders: